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Workshops and Trainings

Our training offerings target two different demographics. For our clients and investigation officials we offer career training and information workshops. For schools, kindergartens and other institutions we organize educational and information seminars to promote awareness of the risks associated with use of the Internet and a responsible approach to online media


At our headquarters in Munich we hold frequent training sessions on many different customer specific topics. Amongst our clients are courts, prosecutors, criminal investigation and civil services offices. We also offer on-site events on demand and if required, external resources can be brought in as the case may be. Naturally we are also prepared to develop tailored programs to cater a specific need.
Possible topics are:
  • Security concepts
  • Data encryption
  • WLAN encryption
  • Internal security audits
  • File sharing
  • Bit-Torrent software
  • Files and creation analysis
  • Hacking
  • Anonymous surfing, TOR and Darknets
  • Manipulation in computer systems
  • Trojans in computers and mobile phones
  • Workshops in new media

    The internet has become an essential part of our everyday life but it can also bring with it content inappropriate for kids and teenagers. Even adults and senior people can come across content, with the potential to cause damages that go beyond affecting people's personal rights and privacy. We offer educational and prevention seminars which help to improve online security for everyone, but specially for young users. These individual programs are targeted particularly at schools, clubs, guardians and social workers.
    Amongst our educational content you can find
  • Protection of minors in the media
  • From pluggin in to emailing - how does my computer work?
  • Cyber bullying and child grooming
  • Potential dangers while using mobile devices
  • Pupular Apps, how they work and what you should keep in mind
  • Sexting
  • Opportunities and risks in social networking and chats
  • Streaming and downloading music and films
  • Online games
  • Current criminal strategies and tricks
  • Legal rules in the internet