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Securing of digital evidence

The purpose of computer forensics is to identify or rule out methodical criminal acts in connection with IT systems and also to analyze and even reconstruct data if necessary. The examination of digital traces on mobile devices continues to gain significance along the more conventional analysis of digital media on personal computer and server hard drives.
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The correct handling of evidence is a basic prerequisite for achieving comprehensible results. Normally, the forensic analysis of an IT system is carried out in four steps:

  • Identification of data carrying devices, data, files, structures and surroundings
  • Examination and securing of evidence
  • Analysis of relevant ascertained data evidence
  • Preparation and documentation of data that can be used in court as an expert opinion
  • Network Traffic Analysis in strict Compliance with Forensic Principles and Data Protection

    Strategic Partnership with Digital Forensics GmbH

    Digital Forensics GmbH is specialized on services for the forensic analysis of network traffic, whether it is recorded network traffic (e.g. in the context of taking of evidence) or the use of specific tools for real-time monitoring of ongoing network traffic. Inhouse developed and very powerful investigation systems make it possible to analyze large volumes of network traffic.
    At our workshops and trainings for courts, prosecutions and criminal investigation units, the Digital Forensics GmbH demonstrates what's possible in the area of network traffic analysis by presenting various applications with concrete case studies.

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    The basis for each report and each forensic examination are "reproducible" results. To ensure reproducibility, the following steps are observed:

  • The original evidence is "moved" as little as possible, because each "movement" could result in corruption of the evidence. Therefore each "movement" is properly documented.
  • The chain of evidence is preserved. To this effect a clean and solid documentation is a given.
  • The integrity of the data is secured at all times.